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What is EMAS
The Eco-management and Audit Scheme EMAS is the European instrument implemented based on Regulation of European Parliament and Council which encourages different organizations (companies, plants, institutions, etc) to continuously improve the environmental performance focusing on:
  • Identifying the areas for which it is necessary to develop, improve and increase effectiveness of environmental performance;
  • Systematic seeking of opportunities to reduce the environmental impact and setting new environmental goals;
  • Systematic identifying and eliminating non-compliance with internal and external requirements;
  • Systematic identifying of environmental aspects which require supervision or improvement;
  • Training of personnel to increase the effectiveness of environmental activities;
  • Comparing with other companies or institutions operating within the same sector.

Having EMAS registration is somehow possessing a trademark which indicates that the organization aims at achieving perfection. The basic principle of EMAS is to distinguish and appreciate these organizations that go beyond the minimum legal requirements and continuously take efforts to improve environmental performance. Therefore, getting EMAS registration means joining "the elitist club" of organizations who continuously aim at minimizing their environmental impact.

EMAS is based on principle that some organizations want to take activities that go beyond just meeting the minimum legal requirements with the aim of continuously reducing the environmental impact. Such organizations continuously monitor their activities, services and products and identify the related significant environmental aspects which enables them to set up and achieve realistic environmental goals. The organization that wants to get EMAS registration needs to implement the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 standard, publish the environmental statement verified by the independent accredited EMAS verifier, actively involve their staff in the implementation of the environmental management system and be in legal compliance.
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